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Monday, October 22, 2012

David - week 21

David is being transferred from Mitchell's Plain to Walmer, Port Elizabeth. Looks like it will be a big change from Mitchell's Plain. Although, crime and drugs were very prevalent in Mitchell's Plain, he loved serving there and loved the people. . . 
Here's a little about where he will be serving:
A suburb at the heart of suburbs, Walmer is a thriving residential and business area in Port Elizabeth.
It is, to a large extent, a place that provides a haven for its residents. With streets lined with large, beautiful trees and spectacular homes, families enjoy serenity and stunning views in the streets close to the Baakens valley.
Indeed, this suburb is one of the most established – and arguably also one of the most attractive – in Port Elizabeth. Properties range from large homes with enormous grounds dating back many years, to modern upscale apartments closer to the main road. It is no wonder that, in recent years, businesses have been queuing to get property in this suburb. Lining Main Road and Heugh Road, two of the busiest streets in Walmer, are businesses offering everything from delicious deli-style meals, to building contractors.
For those who need to restock their cupboards or who just want some entertainment, there are also many shopping centres in Walmer. Here you will find a magnitude of restaurants, coffee shops, boutiques, chain stores and grocery stores.
It is not only the residents and shopaholics who enjoy the perks that Walmer offers. Walmer is, among other things, a golfer’s dream. The Walmer Country Club in Victoria Drive offers a 18-hole golf course, while the Little Walmer Golf Estate has a 9-hole golf course for enthusiasts. There is even a driving course for those who simply need to perfect their swing.
Walmer also serves another practical function, as the airport is situated here. The Port Elizabeth Airport is tenderly known as PE’s ‘ten-minute airport’. In comparison to airports in larger cities, it truly is a fast way to travel: with shorter queues, shorter distances to carry luggage, this airport is a treat for weary travellers.
With all of these benefits, one can see why Walmer is one of Port Elizabeth’s most popular suburbs!

Michael - week 21

So Gross!

Monday, October 15, 2012