Elder David Grant Cobabe

South Africa Cape Town Mission

Elder Michael Seth Cobabe

Uganda Kampala Mission

Thursday, June 21, 2012

DAVID - Cape Town

Dear Cobabe Family,

Elder Cobabe arrived safely in South Africa Cape Town Mission (SACTM)
on Tuesday.  He received much orientation that day, including a trip
to Signal Hill.  He spent the night at the mission home.  After
breakfast on Wednesday, he met his trainer, and was informed of where
he would be serving.  His trainer is Elder Zarbock, who is dynamic,
obedient, and extremely capable.  Your son will have fun with him, and
learn everything he needs to know.

We have sent you a photo with us, the assistants, and his MTC group at
Signal Hill.  Other photos are of the trainers, trainers and trainees,
Elder Zarbock and Elder Cobabe, and Elder Cobabe with Table Mountain
and Lion's Head in the background.

His Preparation Day is Monday, when you may expect letters from him.
Due to  time differences, you may choose to write to him Sunday
evening, so he will receive your email on Monday.  We will give him
the privilege of giving you the details of his stay in Cape Town, as
well as of his first few days in the area.

How wonderful for you that you have two sons on missions at the same
time.  Twins!  How delightful!

President and Sister Wood

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

MICHAEL - Kampala,Uganda

Good Morning!..  I just wanted to send this off to let you know your El. Cobabe has arrived safe..  I will send you a letter tomorrow.. it is 7 pm now and I must leave the office..  he is a great young man.. we are so happy to have him here!!

Sister Sally Scott
Uganda Kampala Mission
Nakawa House
Mission Office Secretary

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

June 19 - Uganda Newsletter

Hello there,
How are you doing? We are doing fine and continually working harder to build
and expand His kingdom in this part of the world. We love and are grateful for all
the support you have always accorded us; and hope you will enjoy this issue
of the Newsletter.

Kind Regards,
Sister Apondi

Monday, June 18, 2012

MTC - June 18th

Hi Jane,
I have a feeling I will meet you in person some day.
First of all, thanks for the cake mixes and now for the directions.
"Our" boys are just doing great.  They are quick to help, always thank the lunch room staff for the meals, and have really come to enjoy being in the MTC choir.  Yesterday they performed in two wards here across from the MTC.  On Friday they performed for the Devotional Fireside with Elder Dale and Sister Renlund, our Area President.
Tomorrow morning, all of the missionaries will pack their suitcases in a trailer at 5:00 am.  They will come to the lunch room and have yogurt, fresh fruit, cold cereal and milk, and juice or hot chocolate, or roibus tea (a South African anti-oxident tea).  We will sing a hymn and have a prayer.  We tell each missionary "good-by".  They get into the mission van and the MTC Manager takes them to the airport.
So I will not be at the airport.  I start in immediately preparing for the next group.....32 new missionaries arrive on Thursday.
Thus, I will not be there for photos.  If I was at the airport, I certainly would send you photos.
We have tried to teach them to do hard things.  The MTC choir has taken them out of their comfort zone.  I think they are ready to go out into the field....eventhough it means leaving their life-long mate, friend, twin.
I have seen the growth in both Elders Cobabe since they have been in the MTC.  You can be righteously proud of their progress.  They are nervous, but they are ready!
Tonight we have a closing testimony meeting that I know will be tender.

Sister Janet Reber

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Here are a few photos of your missionary.  The first is a group photo that hangs on the wall at the MTC.  The second is of a sunset that was taken just a few minutes ago at the MTC.  The third photo is President Reber and the MTC Choir.

Tuesday they all leave for the mission field.  It will be hard to say good-by because this group is really special and small so that I know and love each missionary.

Sister Janet Reber

Friday, June 15, 2012

MTC - June 15th

Sister Sibanda is currently in the MTC with Michael and David.

Sister Sibanda is from Zimbabwe.  When she was 1 year old, her mother left her and moved away.  Her father couldn't take care of her, so he took her to his mother.  She lived with her grandmother until she was 11.  Then she was given back to her father.  When she was 15, her father moved to South Africa and left her at the house to take care of her younger brother and sister.  I asked her how she managed and Sister Sibanda said that she rented out rooms in the house so she could have some money. Fifteen years old!!!  He never came back. 

Her father met the missionaries before he left Zimbabwe and he was baptized as well as his daughter, Sister Sibanda.  He is not going to Church.  Sister Sibanda not only goes to Church, she is now a ful-time missionary.

Both of her parents live in South Africa.  When Sister Sibanda came to the MTC, they wanted to come and see her.  She wasn't so happy about seeing them, but relented and allowed them to come.  They are no longer together and have other children by other partners.
There is a photo with Sister Sibanda and her father....you can tell that she is "under"joyed.

When her mother came....(the women on the extreme left) she brought a little brother and two Sisters.  Three years ago, her mother came to Zimbabwe when the little brother was a baby.  While she was in Zimbabwe, the mother came to see  Sister Sibanda.  The visit at the MTC was only the third time in Sister Sibanda's life that she has seen her mother.  It was the first time to ever meet her half-sisters.  It was very tender to be a part of this drama.  The photo of Sister Sibanda shows how forgiveness and pure charity can make a person whole and that the Gospel of Jesus Christ can give you peace.  I see miracles every day and Sister Sibanda is one of them.

Sister Janet Reber
Meet Sister Sibanda
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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

MTC - June 11th

I'm sending photos of our missionaries eating "pap" a staple food in South Africa.  You eat it with your hands.  It is a little like a thick hot cereal...and is made of ground maize.  The Sisters had a good time teaching the American's and English how to eat it.  Sorry I didn't get a picture of everyone...but at least you get the feel for the experience.

Sister Janet Reber
Learning part of the culture
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MTC - June 6th

Hi, so nice to hear from you.  Your boys....now "our" boys......played soccer today at sports.  The Africans are very good with their feet, but your boys are also good.  They had a fun time.
I appreciate the cake mixes.  I don't remember how much water I need to add.....if you get a chance to look at the directions the next time you are grocery shopping, maybe would could write them to me.  
I wish you could have seen your sons at the Temple.  Michael did ALL of the baptisms.  Elder Khumalo and Elder Palelei are BIG men, they created quite a splash as they went into the water, but Michael managed to bring them back up without any problems.  David did the confirmations and was expert at it by the time we were finished with the final one.  They are having opportunities here they would never have anywhere else.  They made a fort out of their bed, but I was told they took it down today.  The teaching is getting more intense each day, so they will have less and less "free" time and they will need to study.  I sat by Michael tonight at dinner and he ate all of his butternut squash.  I didn't say anything to him, but I was very pleased.  Many of the Americans won't eat any of the vegetables.  The Africans eat everything and go back for seconds.
Sister Janet Reber

MTC - June 6th

Yesterday we took all of the Missionaries to the Johannesburg Temple.  Elder Khumalo, Elder Simelane, Sister Ofwete, and Sister Sibanda all received their endowment.  After the Endowment session, all of the missionaries went to the Baptistry and did baptisms for relatives of the missionaries.  It was a wonderful experience....just President Reber, the missionaries, one Temple worker, and me.  The missionaries did all of the work and I loved watching them baptize, confirm, and be witnesses.....using the Priesthood for these sacred ordinances.

I've attached pictures of our group of 11....the smallest group we have had.  I think you will see how good looking they all are!

Sister Janet Reber

MTC Temple trip
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MTC - June 5th

I just ate breakfast with "our" boys.  They are all dressed up in their suits today as we are going to the Temple.  One Elder from South Africa has his endowment and has been to the Johannesburg Temple.  But the other 10 missionaries will be making their first trip today.  Elder M. Cobabe's companion, Elder Khumalo, will receive his endowment today as will the Elder from Swaziland and the two Sisters....one from Kenya and one from Zimbabwe.  I know it will be a wonderful experience for all of us.  After the session, we will do baptisms for the dead....as some of the missionaries have family names of their grandparents to do.
Sister Janet Reber

MTC - June 4th

We are enjoying your missionary at the MTC in South Africa.  I hope you can tell that they are enjoying their experience here as well.  Two pictures are your misisonary at class.  The group shot is when they received a chocolate bar for having a clean room.

Please feel free to write to me about any comments or questions.

Best wishes,

Sister Janet Reber
Hello from the MTC
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