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Friday, June 15, 2012

MTC - June 15th

Sister Sibanda is currently in the MTC with Michael and David.

Sister Sibanda is from Zimbabwe.  When she was 1 year old, her mother left her and moved away.  Her father couldn't take care of her, so he took her to his mother.  She lived with her grandmother until she was 11.  Then she was given back to her father.  When she was 15, her father moved to South Africa and left her at the house to take care of her younger brother and sister.  I asked her how she managed and Sister Sibanda said that she rented out rooms in the house so she could have some money. Fifteen years old!!!  He never came back. 

Her father met the missionaries before he left Zimbabwe and he was baptized as well as his daughter, Sister Sibanda.  He is not going to Church.  Sister Sibanda not only goes to Church, she is now a ful-time missionary.

Both of her parents live in South Africa.  When Sister Sibanda came to the MTC, they wanted to come and see her.  She wasn't so happy about seeing them, but relented and allowed them to come.  They are no longer together and have other children by other partners.
There is a photo with Sister Sibanda and her father....you can tell that she is "under"joyed.

When her mother came....(the women on the extreme left) she brought a little brother and two Sisters.  Three years ago, her mother came to Zimbabwe when the little brother was a baby.  While she was in Zimbabwe, the mother came to see  Sister Sibanda.  The visit at the MTC was only the third time in Sister Sibanda's life that she has seen her mother.  It was the first time to ever meet her half-sisters.  It was very tender to be a part of this drama.  The photo of Sister Sibanda shows how forgiveness and pure charity can make a person whole and that the Gospel of Jesus Christ can give you peace.  I see miracles every day and Sister Sibanda is one of them.

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