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South Africa Cape Town Mission

Elder Michael Seth Cobabe

Uganda Kampala Mission

Monday, June 18, 2012

MTC - June 18th

Hi Jane,
I have a feeling I will meet you in person some day.
First of all, thanks for the cake mixes and now for the directions.
"Our" boys are just doing great.  They are quick to help, always thank the lunch room staff for the meals, and have really come to enjoy being in the MTC choir.  Yesterday they performed in two wards here across from the MTC.  On Friday they performed for the Devotional Fireside with Elder Dale and Sister Renlund, our Area President.
Tomorrow morning, all of the missionaries will pack their suitcases in a trailer at 5:00 am.  They will come to the lunch room and have yogurt, fresh fruit, cold cereal and milk, and juice or hot chocolate, or roibus tea (a South African anti-oxident tea).  We will sing a hymn and have a prayer.  We tell each missionary "good-by".  They get into the mission van and the MTC Manager takes them to the airport.
So I will not be at the airport.  I start in immediately preparing for the next group.....32 new missionaries arrive on Thursday.
Thus, I will not be there for photos.  If I was at the airport, I certainly would send you photos.
We have tried to teach them to do hard things.  The MTC choir has taken them out of their comfort zone.  I think they are ready to go out into the field....eventhough it means leaving their life-long mate, friend, twin.
I have seen the growth in both Elders Cobabe since they have been in the MTC.  You can be righteously proud of their progress.  They are nervous, but they are ready!
Tonight we have a closing testimony meeting that I know will be tender.

Sister Janet Reber

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