Elder David Grant Cobabe

South Africa Cape Town Mission

Elder Michael Seth Cobabe

Uganda Kampala Mission

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

MTC - June 6th

Hi, so nice to hear from you.  Your boys....now "our" boys......played soccer today at sports.  The Africans are very good with their feet, but your boys are also good.  They had a fun time.
I appreciate the cake mixes.  I don't remember how much water I need to add.....if you get a chance to look at the directions the next time you are grocery shopping, maybe would could write them to me.  
I wish you could have seen your sons at the Temple.  Michael did ALL of the baptisms.  Elder Khumalo and Elder Palelei are BIG men, they created quite a splash as they went into the water, but Michael managed to bring them back up without any problems.  David did the confirmations and was expert at it by the time we were finished with the final one.  They are having opportunities here they would never have anywhere else.  They made a fort out of their bed, but I was told they took it down today.  The teaching is getting more intense each day, so they will have less and less "free" time and they will need to study.  I sat by Michael tonight at dinner and he ate all of his butternut squash.  I didn't say anything to him, but I was very pleased.  Many of the Americans won't eat any of the vegetables.  The Africans eat everything and go back for seconds.
Sister Janet Reber

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