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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

MTC - June 6th

Yesterday we took all of the Missionaries to the Johannesburg Temple.  Elder Khumalo, Elder Simelane, Sister Ofwete, and Sister Sibanda all received their endowment.  After the Endowment session, all of the missionaries went to the Baptistry and did baptisms for relatives of the missionaries.  It was a wonderful experience....just President Reber, the missionaries, one Temple worker, and me.  The missionaries did all of the work and I loved watching them baptize, confirm, and be witnesses.....using the Priesthood for these sacred ordinances.

I've attached pictures of our group of 11....the smallest group we have had.  I think you will see how good looking they all are!

Sister Janet Reber

MTC Temple trip
You are invited to view Janet Dahl's album. This album has 3 files.

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